This is a question I get from a lot of people who find it bizarre I can do so many things at once and still succeed and make it through. I have to say I am not perfect. I constantly find myself restless because of all the things I have to do and sometimes the urgency leaves me completely anxious.

Many breakdowns and shutdowns later, I can safely say that I have finally found a good way to manage my time. That is….Google Calendar!

Before I get into how I utilize Google Calendar, I must say that it’s so important to rest. It’s ok if you don’t fulfill the goals you have planned for the day and it’s ok if you don’t feel productive. You need to rest your soul or you may not live to see your plans (in a dark humorous way).

Ok. Back to Google Calendar.

Google Calendar has been absolutely amazing in terms of getting my non-routine lifestyle in check. I create events for things and then color code them with different colors.

As you can see, there is my shop (LBM), blog articles to post (which is Monday and Thursday, btw), school work, and internships. I set reminders for little quick things I have to get done in the day such as “call a friend,” or “confirm business meeting.”

This method has kept me on top of my game and gave me a centralized way to see everything that I have to do.

For any overall goals and things that I should get done ahead of time, I’ll list them in my notes app. Notes and Google Calendar both have apps which makes it really convenient to take everywhere with you.

The apps are merely tools but what’s important to understand about time management is also how you prioritize.

Depending on what it important to you, you should dedicate time to it. Now alongside all that you have to get done, you should also schedule in “Time With Family” or “Time with Friends” or “Time for Self Care.” It’s so easy to forget these important parts of your daily routine when it seems like you don’t have time to do them. Make time. Put that in your schedule first and you’ll find that you have an abundance of time for other things in your life. That’s because you’re happy and you’re full of life.

Time management may be the reason I’m good at getting things done but if I don’t make time for my friends and family, I am walking to success alone. It’s so important to keep that in mind!


I hope this has helped you with time management and gave you a sense of abundance of time.



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