This statement was something I knew but was reminded when I went to church. Everyone probably knows this and understands this to some degree. Who wants their pain to define who they are? Who wants a feeling to define who they are?

Arguably, I would say that the pain we felt is correlated to possible scars we acquire and that may define us. However, the scar itself is not a representation of us but a result of a painful moment that did change us or helped us grow. That scar can be figurative or it can be literal, whichever is enough for us to personally recognize.

The pain I felt through heartbreak became a scar I can physically feel in my heart but to say there was a literal scar is probably illogical. However, pain is pain. Comparing pain is unproductive. My pain is not comparable to someone who broke their leg but who’s to say my pain is no longer pain simply because someone else’s pain is seemingly greater?

On some level, you have all felt pain whether it’s loss of someone or loss of yourself. It’s a process that everyone goes through in life. We encounter something or someone that cause us pain and then we have to overcome it.

Somewhere down the line, that pain recedes and maybe a scar forms or maybe it disappears or maybe it never actually leaves. But it was a lesson learned regardless. How you react after the pain comes and goes is a good indication of how it has shaped you.

I hope you chose the route best suited for you and I hope that pain has made you a better version of yourself and not the other way around.

I hope you find that on the other side of pain is strength and courage, not more pain.

I hope you realize that pain does not define you and it does not mean you’re weak. It just means you’re human and growing. Let it shape you to be a better version of yourself because you deserve to be happy.


Annie <3

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