Hey!! I believe everyone deserves a little update on my career and life. I’m on track to graduating early!!!! If you’re wondering how I was able to graduate a year and a half early, read this article.

This year has been such a turning point for me and a year full of self-growth and positivity. I’ve been really stressed this past year though, I’m not going to lie. I pushed super hard my freshman year of college to get to this point. Now I’m taking things much slower while I anticipate my graduation and working on my other endeavors.

I’ve been really blessed to have met people who support my choices and encouraged me instead of shaming me. Granted, there were a few people who questioned me and gave me weird looks but that didn’t stop me.

It’s actually quite foolish to think a college degree is all you need to succeed. You need internships and hard/soft skills all while figuring out what you want. Many argue that college is the time to figure it out but they’d also argue that you’re paying to sit on textbook knowledge.

I’ve met people who dropped out and earn 5 figures, in numbers that are more than the average entry level job for any marketing job. I’ve met many industry professionals who said that you’ll never truly find what you love in college because you have to sit through the 9-5’s to figure out what exactly you want, or whether you want a 9-5 at all. You grow up as well…the circumstances change and the desired environment changes.

I do encourage people to take the time to consider what industry they’d like to try and intern there and see. If it’s enough for you to work in, try and graduate early and jump into that industry full on. Get a taste of it for yourself. Get paid to figure yourself out.

Don’t let college be the time you have fun. Have fun when you’re having fun with the money you make for yourself. Have fun when you’re living by your rules and not your parents.

Ok, don’t take me too seriously haha. Definitely have fun and travel whenever you can. Don’t stress out too much and do your best. But do take the time to understand the workforce and what it means to be in college because it is definitely not a time for you to have fun only.

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