NYC is getting colder by the minute. Fall is already falling out of trend already haha. My skin has done so much better during the Fall weather and I plan on continuing the routine in the Winter. I know I haven’t done a skincare article in forever but trust me, this one was honestly a game changer.

Thank you for being patient with me! I haven’t been blogging for two weeks because I’ve been exhausted. I’m back and better than ever!

Like always, before I start telling you guys what I use, you must know my skin type and concerns so that this routine has a higher chance of working for you as well. I am a combination/oily skin type but now combination/dry because of the cold winter air. I have sensitive and acne-prone skin. I also get hormonal acne around my chin.

Now that you know that…let’s get into it.

Step 1:

Then I Met You (set) – This was recommended by Michelle Phan in her skincare video. I trusted her and decided to give it a shot. It worked amazing for my skin. I believe the reason for that is because it has the double cleanse method which is very popular among the Korean skincare routines – and their skin is bomb!

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Step 2: Benzoyl Perozide – I put this in all my problem areas which are generally near my chin. I put it on my nose as well to exfoliate because it tends to get clogged easily. This prevents future acne if used consistently. Not guaranteed but a better possibility.

Then I let it dry.

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Step 3:

Rosehip Oil – I put 2-3 drops of this, depending on how dry I’m feeling. Then rub it between my hands and pat it onto my face. This is a good source of Vitamin A and many stated that this is a good natural alternative to retinol, which is used to prevent wrinkles.

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Step 4:

Cerave Daily Moisturizing Lotion – Small pump of this and then put it all over my face. Don’t want to cake this on but it helps to add more moisture to the skin. This particular one has 2 essential ceramides which is what tends to be stripped away when we cleanse. It also has hyaluronic acid which further moisturizes.

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Step 5:

Kiehl’s Creamy Eye Treatment This is a nice eye cream to end the routine! This is to prevent any wrinkles and to intensely moisturize one area. I think this doesn’t decrease my dark circles per se but it does hydrate well, especially in the winter when it really dries out the skin.

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That’s it!!

Hope this helped you and your possible sad skin days in the upcoming winter weather.


Annie šŸ™‚

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