This year was a very transformative year for me and so I decided to do this year wrap up article to close it out. Unfortunately, this would be my last article of the year as the holiday season comes closer and the semester is coming to an end. I worked really hard and God really put it on my heart to give myself some grace and spend time with my family + friends. It’s really deserving to see all the hard work pay off and it’s so special to me to see that I have garnered such an amazing group of supporters who stayed with me all this time, whether it’s directly saying so or indirectly believing in me. I am…tremendously grateful.

I would say 2019 was really special because it’s the year of many growing pains and also the year of full acceptance of who I am and who I’ve become. From 2018-2019, I have pushed through academically and career wise and I think it’s time for a break haha.

Here’s a easy timeline to follow:

  • Graduated from high school – June 2018
  • Internship with RD Style in the Summer 2018
  • Semester of college started – August 2018
  • 2 Internships with Lions Model and FHWadsworth
  • Winter class while interning at Lions
  • Spring semester started – 8 classes and then internship as well
  • Summer semester started – 3 classes and 2 internships
  • Started LineByMoi – my shop — simultaneously with school
  • Fall semester started – 7 classes and on track to graduating a year and a half early – 1 internship – ModaBox (same one as the summer one)
  • Now, ready to REST hahaha because I’m done and burnt for now

Projects done:

  • ANDWHY. Magazine
  • The Feminist Club
  • LineByMoi
  • PlantsByMoi
  • This Blog haha

This is honestly so amazing to me to even list out myself. Sometimes, I push myself to my limits and at times, even over my limits. And often times, I don’t see the good work I put in because I keep telling myself that I can do better and do more. It can be quite self destructive but it also made me learn a lot about myself very quickly.

I learned that I’m very goal driven and sometimes my goals are there to mask the pain I feel in my personal life. Around the summer time is when my toxic relationship with a person finally ended and it took a toll on me. I’ve made many mistakes after and I turned into a person I couldn’t accept was me. It took some time to accept but I’m now in a happy medium of my two worlds, the past and the future.

Continuing this blog was not only helpful to see my progress as an individual but also to see how it can help others on their progress as individuals as well. I learned that I’m never alone and that my story is never at an end.

I’m so happy with who I am today and I’m so excited to start my next year, 2020, stronger than ever. I’m grounded, I’m sure, and I’m at peace. There’s so much potential in next year and I’m so excited to share it with a BANG. 🙂

Much love,

Annie <3

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