Happy New Year, everyone!

I think this is honestly such an exciting time of the year (I’m always excited lol if you don’t already know). Everyone’s motivated for new goals, confused about what to do next, or even afraid that time is going too fast.

For me, it’s all of them. Maybe it’s all of them for you guys as well, haha let me know!

2019 was one of my greatest years, full of growth and development. I grew into another person while accepting core parts of me and STOPPED trying to deny it or change it.

It was really empowering and freeing to me when I learned to love myself a little more everyday, in a different way for different reasons. Sometimes, that meant doing things out of my comfort zone and other times, it means I have to revisit some history to confront my traumas or fears.

It’s even more empowering to see when how once you love yourself, your love for others is better….and different, in a good way. You start to love them as you would love yourself. See them for their entirety and still love them anyways. While also understanding that some people have different core parts than you, and that’s ok. It’s ok to love people at a distance and it’s ok that not everyone stays a part of your life.

One of the best “closing the year” things that happened was the week before Christmas. My ex and I finally talked after half a year and we caught up. Our friendship is still just as strong…our understanding of one another is still the same…but one thing that’s for sure, is that we know that there will never be an US.

Having to grieve the loss of a person who’s still alive…was one of the difficult things I had to experience but it’s eye-opening to have him back into my life.

Love means forgiveness. Love means compassion. Love means space. Love means boundaries. Love means letting go. Love means acceptance. And in all that love, you deserve a big piece of it yourself.

You can probably guess why love and loss is so inspiring to me. It’s what my articles are generally about or inspired by. I think for many of us, we can say the same. I think for everyone around the world actually…they would say the same as well. Love and loss inspires art, music, stories, innovation, and so much more. I wouldn’t say 2020 would be any different for me in a sense that love and loss will still inspire me the same. But 2020 is different because it’s a year of new challenges and new achievements while carrying a very new mindset.

2020 will be a great year, I can feel it.


Annie 🙂

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