It’s a wake up call.

In a span of two weeks, the lives of New Yorkers was instantly changed. Since anyone can remember, the streets were clear for the first time in awhile. The lights remain on but the noise is loudly silent. The hustle and bustle ceased for the sake of seeing tomorrow. As dramatic as that sounds, it currently has the entire world badly shaken, never mind the city itself.

The noise may not be heard but the noise can certainly be seen. It’s on our screens. That can be our phones, laptops, tablets, or anything else, you name it.

A girl wearing a mask during the pandemic and grocery shopping
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CORONAVIRUS has never been made clearer to the people. #Stayhome #SocialResponsibility #SocialDistancing #Dontbeselfish

Whatever it may be. It’s everywhere.

The year 2020 was what we’d expect to be great and with the virus going around, it left people questioning the value the rest of the year may hold. However, it’s arguable that perhaps, just perhaps, it’s still great. Even now.

A number of cases and deaths from the coronavirus
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And that greatness lies in the fact that it’s a great sign to start living differently. To see things differently. Obviously easier said than done, the paralysis that many people may feel due to financial struggles and/or struggling to meet biological needs is indisputable. There is no denying that those people are, in fact, severely impacted, with or without the virus.

It’s not an easy time for anyone but this perspective is clear. The coronavirus is more than a pandemic. It’s a wake up call. A call to consider lifestyle and business changes.

In countries like China and Italy, the lockdown that was enforced pushed almost the entire country to stay home. According to Washington Post, them staying home resulted in decreased nitrogen dioxide in the air, one of the greenhouse gases manufactured by humans. Their breathing cleaner air right now. Inside. The irony.

A woman with toilet paper rolls and wearing a mask during the pandemic COVID-19
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This isn’t the first instance where the climate is suddenly changing for the better. In many pandemics, the same results revealed. This time, however, everyone knows, given the rate of which information travels now. In addition to that, it’s also scientifically stated that the virus is stronger as a result of climate change.

Business must start to change and consider their carbon footprints on the current environment. We must start to consider what we’re consuming and what alternatives are better for the environment. (Example being that since toilet paper is running out, people are moving to Bidet’s which ultimately reduces paper usage, haha) Climate change does effect us directly as we are currently facing the consequences.

A girl holding up a sign during the climate change march saying "we don't have time"
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On a more personal level, this is a good reminder of the things in life that are free and more valuable than a lot of things we claim importance in. That includes family, friends, and our internal peace/happiness.

On a career and educational level, this is perhaps a good time to start enforcing different work styles and teaching styles. Working from home is now a favorable option, why not make it a long term thing? Schooling can happen anywhere even at the park on our laptops, why not consider it for the long run?

As the united struggle perpetuates for a little longer, the future is still up in the air but while we have the time to reflect and reconnect, there are obvious new choices we are allowed to make/demand. It’s time to choose the right ones before the next pandemic will be the death of us.

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