Eve is a 23-year-old environmentalist living in NYC pursuing a college degree at the Fashion Institute of Technology. When she’s not at school, she’s balancing fitness routines, baking, and planting. One of her favorite things is fashion and in her words, she is, “one hundred percent obsessed with fashion because a lot of us love to look and feel good.”

Eve is unlike many people. She walks with confidence and she laughs hard. With all that, she still manages to be kind and to put others first. Currently, she is updating her personal blog on Instagram that reflects on her personal life, one that is truly out there to help people. She shares drink recipes and her favorite outfits. However, as crazy as she is about clothes, she also cares about the environment, “I believe you should want to be more ethical with your wardrobe and to obtain that, you also need a healthy lifestyle.” Hence, despite her love for fashion, she’d still consider herself to be more of a lifestyle blogger rather than a fashion blogger.

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Beyond her personal endeavors, she attends the Fashion Institute of Technology with a “major in Fashion Business Management with concentrations in product development and buying/planning.” In those classes, she researches “through multiple case studies and forecasting on fast fashion brands while focusing on how each corporation operates with raw materials.” Her focus in school is also devoted to solving the climate change crisis by turning fashion around since “fashion alone makes up approximately 10% of the global climate change.” In addition to schooling, she devoted her time to Line By Moi, a company that gives back to the community. At Line By Moi, “we educate to help others work together, produce beneficial products that will reduce waste in the environment, and donate to non-profit organizations as our mission stands to save the trees.”

While she juggled internships, school, and business, we asked how she was able to manage it all. She said, “I don’t really manage everything at once. It took time to practice getting better by adjusting to a routine and continuing to heal during the process of ‘self-love’.” Self-love is a journey and oftentimes, healing is a major part of getting through that journey. That didn’t stop her nor did it pushed her to give up. She continued with her wisdom, “When you give yourself more space, you’ll be able to see how imperative it is to keep your priorities in order. Not everything has to move fast. It will start to weigh heavily on your mental state. If you’re confident enough to know that not everything is perfect, you’ll realize it is more about the small improvements that we can rectify in our daily lives with decisions and certain bad habits we can inhibit from.”

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On her journey of self-love, she learned that toxic friendships and relationships are a two-way street. Both sides are responsible for what happened, whether it was a bad relationship or not. In regards to negative friendships/relationships, she is “truly convinced that being attached to people with this kind of demeanor will impact you on who you become as a person. Take things with a grain of salt.” She then stated that after reflecting and evaluating her life, “it became easier to express my personality more openly and reciprocate in a positive place of community around me. There are things we have to sacrifice so we can take control of the next chapters in our lives.” In many cases, what needs to be sacrificed is the time we give to negativity.

Any strong and inspiring person doesn’t just come from the sky, her greatest influence is her mom. “Like mother, I’m a daughter who grew to love fashion and went to FIT as well. She also helped me become more humble and never gave up on loving me when there are bumps on the road.” With all the said, Eve is truly remarkable, born to be a life-long learner with a big heart and a long list of passions. Who knows what’s coming next.


“If I can do something right now, it would be skydiving. We all live once, right? Just kidding. I’m too afraid of heights. Call me chicken. In all seriousness, I want to continue learning Japanese, then French before traveling to my next destination because you know, life is too short.”

“Lastly, to end this post, my favorite fashion pieces will always be heels because your girl is petite and loves to dress classy. Thanks for reading!”

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