Hey everyone,

Thank you for following ANDWHY’s journey, especially those who have been following since before ANDWHY even came to be. Starting this podcast was beyond special to me. Not only did it allow me to tell people’s stories in a different way but it also allowed me to better tell mine. If you are new to ANDWHY, I highly encourage the listenings of the podcast.

This podcast will be an interview format in hopes to inspire people better themselves. Unfortunately, given the circumstances, interview season won’t happen until a few more episodes but enjoy the solo episodes haha!

I have to give a special shoutout to Sam Kim for giving me such a nice podcast jingle. Do check him out on SoundCloud.

Also, another amazing person deserves a shoutout and that’s Sydney Lee. She is the illustrator of the podcast cover art. Check her out on her Instagram.

If you can’t find the podcast, here are all the links!

Apple Podcast

Google Podcast


If you do listen to them AND enjoyed it, be sure to rate, leave a review, and share it with people! Thank you guys so much for all the support.

But…above all, this is just the beginning. More projects to come on other channels and possibly more people on the team! 🙂



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