girl in white shirt and denim pants who's the CEO of Chillology, dacia

Dacia (day-see-a) is one of the most passionate and hardworking women you will meet in your lifetime. However, no matter the success and acclamation, she remains humble in her ways. She considers herself to be an “Island Gyal” as she was born and raised on the island of Jamaica, “(it’s) where I spent most of my life before migrating to the US 5 years ago.” Coming from another country is no small feat and in short five years, she became a healthcare worker, a dutiful lifelong learner, and a budding entrepreneur, “turning my love for teas/herbs and manicures into a service + retail business.” Her amazing brand is called Chillology!

Dacia’s vision for Chillology is grand. She envisions it to be “a tea room + manicure only lounge.” She desires it to be “small and intimate” but still impactful in its own way. She shares her personal story as to how she got inspired to start the company, “The inspiration for Chillology came out of a lack of creativity in many salons I’ve been to here in NJ. Many times, I’d go get my mani after a day of running errands and while sitting there, I would think ‘wow, I wish they had a cup of tea or something, to offer a girl, man.'” She noticed the changes that can be made and decided to implement them through Chillology!

Her teas at their very finest 🙂

She started with teas and candles and quickly made a name for her brand. Her early devoted focus on the teas was because she was intrigued and inspired by the “high/afternoon tea concept that originated in Britain and I think it’s a nice addition to making tea (the art + culture) seem less mundane.” She wanted to enhance the tea experience, ultimately providing people with the ultimate chill experience for both men and women. “I want to create a unisex chill spot where ladies can come get their nails done and their partners can accompany them without feeling the need to pull out a manicure chair to sit and listen to girl chat. Instead, they can enjoy a cup or two of tea, chill, and wait.” We honestly can’t wait to visit the first manicure lounge in NYC and to share that with you all!

At Chillology, Dacia is essentially a one-woman show and that in itself is deeply inspiring. She does not give up or let hardship get in her way. She does everything on her own from sourcing teas, herbal blends, and making home goods. She’s currently also working on the editorial blog section which is open to anyone who wants to contribute. If you do, contact her through Instagram or through her company. Besides Chillology, Dacia also strives to master French through Rosetta Stone as learning a second language can be very useful and exciting. She also wants to learn how to swim, do mission work, and have a career in Microbiology and Immunology. She shares some of her wisdom:

“I don’t limit myself to one thing because I do believe you can have all that your heart desires, within reason, and with a practical outlook on life. We get in life what we work for.” – Dacia

Dacia in the spring, chilling!

With that, we asked her how she was able to manage everything, especially running a business on her own. She stated that she is quite the workaholic but she copes with her busy lifestyle by resting if she feels tired or exhausted. However, she expresses that resting can sometimes make her feel guilty, “Sometimes, on my lazy days, I do feel guilty and I’d think ‘you have soooo much to get done but instead you are binging Netflix or scrolling the gram’.” However, she emphasizes that sometimes rest is much needed and even productive, “but then I shrug those thoughts off and remind myself that rest is as important to my success as working is.” When she feels overworked, one of her routines is to take life down to a slower pace, “I’d grab my bicycle, put my headphones in, and ride to the park and complete at least 10 laps. That always helps me feel better. I’ve also been practicing slow living, incorporating various slow living practices in my life and as such, I don’t get anxious much these days.”

Dacia shares some of her personal struggles as well, expressing that no one is exempt from challenges in life. Starting a business and doing great things also accounts for some difficulties. She discusses her self-doubt and how oftentimes, our greatest “obstacles are not people or things, it’s ourselves.” She combats that by reminding herself that “If God is for me, who or what can be against me.”

Inspirational characters like Dacia don’t just appear. Dacia strongly credits the way she was raised. “I do believe our culture + environments play a big role in our perspective on life and how we choose to navigate this world. Not growing up rich taught me the importance of working, not just working hard but finding your gift/talent, owning it, and making it your oyster. I also learned to value people (relationships), use things to enhance life and to be content with a little and an abundance. What do we really need to be happy? Not much if you really think about it.”

But above all, her biggest influence is her mother. “My mother, though not perfect, is the most beautiful soul I know. Hardworking, sharp, quick thinker, a lady who gets shit done and after all that, loves her children.” She expresses their love for one another despite being different in their unique ways, “We often butt heads because we are similar in many ways – both stubborn and wanting things our way at times. She’s also a traditional Jamaican mom who believes things should be ‘X’ way or by the books..but I am a millennial girl who tends to be a little free-spirited, understanding, and all-around chill.” Their differences don’t make Dacia look up to her any less.

Dacia is downright inspiring, hard-working, and full of energy. Her story is unique to her but her wisdom can be applied to many. Follow her on her Instagram and her company, Chillology.

Bonus: Favorite anything, and why? Tea, fashion, movies, etc?

“Music – the good stuff, songs with lyrics that speak to me and for me. Genres I’ve been listening to are Disco, Lofi, EDM, Gospel, Blues, Classical. My taste in music is versatile (keep that trap music crap away from me). Podcasts – because I love learning, I am intrigued by True Crime and I don’t watch cable tv.

Movies – classic/vintage films, mafia hits. I have been into older films these days. I find that movies produced in the past decade 2010-2020 are boring. They lack the storytelling that’s visible in older films. I can’t recall the last time I went to the movies. I’ve been collecting older films. Fun stuff.”


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