Have you considered starting an eco-friendly business? Well, it doesn’t have to be complicated! Jamie started Shop Peachy Apricots to sell thrifted clothing and she’s doing amazing at it.

Jamie was raised in Malaysia and Singapore. She moved to the United States in 2018 for college and is currently in her final year for Biomedical Sciences. She always had a knack for clothing and when she moved, she brought along her “unique and diverse wardrobe.” She emphasizes that she never goes a day “without putting on an outfit” and explains the distinction, “Yes, we all put on clothes each day, but an outfit? That’s a different story, it’s the whole package!” Her style comprises of classic and clean cut colors, “in classic fitted silhouettes” that make her feel her best.” She enjoys the “The occasional boss lady strut-into-a-room-and-people-notice-you fit.” Although she doesn’t have the best of words to describe it, she loves her style, “My style is Jamie! Trendy with my own twist on it.”

She described her personality as “the most crazy, talkative, bubbly, happy-go-lucky, yet caring and friendly softie you’ll meet!” She once told her customer that her name was Peachy and they believed her. She jokes, “So you could say I’m funny, sometimes.” She also enjoys playing the piano, guitar, and singing. This year, she picked up “hip hop, cooking, baking, painting, and even embroidery!”

Her store Peachy Apricots was born many years ago. Peach and apricots were two of her favorite fruits and she came up with it randomly with her mother when the question “What would be a nice business name if we had one” came about. She founded the brand in August 2020 on Instagram. What sparked the idea of the brand was due to her piles of beautiful clothes that she knew no longer served her anymore. She expresses her love for her clothes and why it was time to let go, “Over the years, I’ve gathered pieces from all over the world, from home, my travels. If I could, I would NEVER choose to part with them. I’d hoard them in a warehouse and sort them by color. But it wouldn’t be fair, would it? Each piece is truly one-of-a-kind, possibly the one and only in the United States! I was not doing them justice, and I they’ve served its time – it was time to let them go.”

The mission for the brand is ” finding the right people, who will love my clothes as much as I do.” She explains why this is important, “To me, that is something so special because I am truly on the hunt for that ONE person, who will love my clothes to bits! To me, every piece of clothes has a story. And knowing they’re going to a good home, week after week, I ship out my lemon poly-mailer bags to all over the United States, taking with them little pieces of me and my memories.”

It fills her with joy to see that her peachy babes love their new pieces that once meant so much to her. She shares that she constantly receives happy messages saying, “IT FITS AMAZING” and “OMG I LOVE IT”. And through that, she maintains a bond with each and every one of her clothing through their new owners. She makes new friends by giving them what she considers to be a piece of her, “I am truly ever so grateful for giving my clothes a brand new life, and journey through the eyes of someone new. Peachy babes- it’s now YOUR story to rewrite.”

I choose not to be one-in-a-million kind of girl, but once in a lifetime woman.– Jamie

Juggling school with a business is not easy. Jamie expresses that not only do we have the pressure to succeed in academics and in our careers, we also have to learn to work on ourselves personally, “Staying true to myself while discovering my identity and place in this world has been a rollercoaster. I think many of us millennials are facing the same struggles of finding a balance between work, school, family, self-care, among a plethora of adulting issues.” The question she poses is “When is work, too much work, and when is family time taking away that time for more work?”

That’s a question she’s also working on answering. She has recently been confronted with the challenge of “juggling 25 things in a 24-hour day.” She explains that it’s not easy to tackle but the answer is plain simple, “Sometimes, it’s just not possible. If I have 10 units of Jamie, to do 10 things, you can’t always slot in an 11th! I have always been the type of worker that never says no, never turns down the opportunity to grow. Yes, it’s a good thing, but the burnout is real. I’m learning, slowly but surely: It’s okay to say no, it’s okay to stop and smell the roses, stare at the sky, play with your puppy, or just stare into space.” Taking care of yourself and setting proper boundaries is a luxury that we have to take in order to lead a happy and fulfilling life.

When asked what she thinks defined her life the most, Jamie shares, “Growing up in Malaysia, I had studied in Singapore for 10 years since the age of 9. And with my brother, 2 years younger, we’d wake up at 4am, with our passports bigger than our palms, travel in and out of the country, Monday to Friday, for school day after day! Where our friends and classmates got home 30 minutes after sports training, we had to travel another 2 hours till we got to home-cooked meals and putting our heavy bags down after not getting a seat on the bus for hours. Not complaining, we were privileged enough to have that opportunity, although tough, that shaped who we are. Resilience, independence, and relying on family when we needed most. Life is extremely different than what it looks like now, and it definitely moulded my strong work ethic and management skills.” That is really admirable and like many people, we are ultimately made up of our experiences and how we perceive them.

Running a small business is no easy feat. Jamie shares that running a small business is “not only for the ‘artsy people’, as I used to think.” She explains that it “requires a crazy amount of coordination, focus, responsibility, dedication, and love. From clearing out your closet, carrying a heavy container of clothes up and down the stairs, catching that golden hour morning lighting for photoshoots, curating the order of listings on your feed, figuring out how USPS works, handwriting notes, picking out the perfect stickers for each buyer, measuring, packing, taping, printing, post office runs, and EVERYTHING in between.” She adds that if you’re a perfectionist workaholic like her who never says no, it’s extra not easy (in caps). However, she loves every second of it.

One of the advices she can give to those who are curious in how she manages everything is that it’s not about time management, it’s about energy management. She discusses the difference between the two, “Think about it this way: We hear a lot about time management. Recently, it hit me that it’s not about time management, but your energy audit. Yes, time management is essential, but is pretty homogenous in today’s fast-paced instant working world. However, if you learn to manage your energy, and stick to tasks that rejuvenate you for the next (and next, and next), it spirals into a mindful meaningful day. You feel so in touch with yourself and your passion, and it is such a great feeling.” This is so key and crucial and very spot on.

Jamie’s greatest influence is her mom, where she said, “Corny, but true.” Her mom givers her strength and inspires her to do better and be better each day. She joyfully shares about her mother, “Strong, kind and classy. She taught me everything I know, from (obviously), how to walk, bake, not to cry but only when you are sad, to be independent, stand my ground, among many others. We all love our moms! They’re the BEST friends we ever need and have. With regards to Peachy Apricots, the biggest thing I’ve ever inherited from her is her fashion sense. Check out mini me in my collage in Australia when I was 5(?)! THAT FIT, thanks mom.”

If she could solve one issue in the world, she would want to let every woman know that she is beautiful inside and out. In a world where society tells you what you are and what you aren’t, she wants to choose to uplift women to be exactly as they are. Jamies says, “Oftentimes, we get told we’re too this and that. It spirals into a see-saw of I’m not good enough, I want to look like her and she’s so beautiful but I’m not. But the truth is, everyone is beautiful. Elegance is when the inside is as beautiful as the outside. People love Monica for her grace, and Erica for her brains! Perhaps Rita and Tina for their talent in dance and music. (yes, quoting lyrics of Mambo No.5). What my point is, YOU DO YOU!! Others may look great in a sexy lace cami, but you? FIRE in a simple classic well-made crisp white tank. Simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication, and confidence is half the battle won.

Jamie is such a character and she has such a strong presence online and offline. If you read till the end, you may also well agree to that sentiment. She is empowering other young women like her to stay true to who they are, stand up for themselves, do what they love, and ultimately, live their lives to the fullest. If you’re interested in keeping up with her, check out her Instagram here!

Bonus Question: Favorite anything, and why? (movies, fashion pieces, beauty, people, places, etc.) 

“Love love LOVE the color white! White clothes, white paper, white bags…. Endless supply of white tops.. I also love shopping in Thailand and Taiwan! They have the most unique pieces. I also LOVE my denim jacket, I have my name spelled out (J-A-M-I-E) with iron on letters on the back of it, kind of like a sports jersey, and I know I’ll keep it till I’m 50 and have kids!! Definitely recommend Grey’s Anatomy, all 16 seasons of it, guaranteed to make you cry from both joy and pain! Also LOVE kids and all things babies!! But you guys don’t need to know that. I wanna know YOU!! Always happy to chat with you all. Thanks for reading and feel free to dm me anytime!!”

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