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Have you ever wondered why you feel this need to hustle? And if you are hustling, do you wonder why you’re always tired and burning out? Do you ever wonder if you’re even hustling right? 

In this episode, I’ll talk about my experience as a hustler in NYC, the epicenter of the hustle culture, and how that has affected me. Although mostly negative experiences, I share some positives as well, such as this podcast! I also share a couple of tips that I follow to hustle smarter, not harder. This is an uplifting and relatable episode that will help you find your place in the hustling world. 

Much love, Annie 

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Hey everyone, welcome back for another episode, I’m your host Annie and today’s episode is going to be about the HUSTLE. I’m sure you all know about the hustle and are probably hustling right now listening to this episode. I know I do that sometimes.

If you guys don’t know me and you’re new to this podcast, hi, thank you for joining us. Today’s episode hits close to home, like literally (lol). I was actually born and raised in New York City, and sometimes, I feel like the hustle is all I know. Speed-walking is suddenly part of my DNA. Multi-tasking becomes one of my boasted character traits. And sleep is…well, what’s that?

Overtime, the hustling started to be coupled with anxiety and depression. I didn’t know what was going on but every 2-3 months, I would completely shut out from the world. I’d cancel plans and break promises with the people I cared about. I thought I was just tired but there’s actually a word for that and that’s called…burnout. It’s a real thing that affects people in sometimes devastating ways. People are literally overworking themselves to death, and honestly, for what? Seriously.

That’s why I’m doing this episode!

First off, I do want to say hustling is not all bad, it definitely did me some good. I’m graduating 3 semesters early, started a business, and consistently built my blog/portfolio. But lately, especially with the pandemic, I started to ask myself, at what cost? Sitting down with no distractions and just listening to my thoughts, I unpacked a lot of devilish wounds I left unattended because I prioritized everything else over my spirit and health. I put school before mental health. I put other’s needs before my own. Before I know it, I shut down again.

If you’re like me or you can relate to some degree. It’s probably because you feel the pressures of society and you’re giving in just like I did. Maybe you’re pressuring yourself and torturing yourself to get somewhere. I’m going to stop you in your tracks to say this: there’s no rush! I think the every younger generation is always rushing to get somewhere and be someone instead of experiencing life. But this “young” generation, especially the Gen Z, are trapped in the world of comparison called social media. When you see someone who’s got it all and they’re 19, it’s hard to not think “what am I doing with my life” while you eat potato chips on your couch watching that same 19 year old’s YouTube video that pays them to breathe. I feel you dude. BUT, I’m going to stop you there once again and say once again that there’s no rush and it’s not a race. Life’s greatest plans for you are yet to come and if you don’t stop focusing on the future, you’ll lose the present. And when you lose the present, the future isn’t all that great, trust me.

Thankfully, I learned recently to be more mindful of the now because I don’t want to miss out on my amazing 20’s (Of course, my 20’s is starting with a rocky start haha because of the pandemic but I hay, I learned so much this past year, I’m so grateful for it.) If you saw my recent solo episodes, you’ll get a taste of that.

So the hustle, is it good? Well, it is but to an extent. Hustling can easily become a bad thing if you’re not careful of your limitations to what you can handle. Here are some ways to avoid burnout, still hustle, and be fabulous:

  1. Take some time to learn about yourself. I mean really learn. Learn about your strengths and weaknesses and accept them for what they are. This is called self-awareness LOL and maturity. This is important because learning about yourself is necessary to understanding your limits.
  2. REST – learned how to take a freaking break (very accurate). Recently, I’ve started a new productivity method. It’s called How I Met Your Mother (HIMYM). What that is…is work till I’m close to being mentally exhausted, stop to watch an episode of HIMYM and eat ice cream, and then I’d get back to work, finish…and watch another episode. Then tell myself I’m a champ and I deserve more ice cream. I’m not saying this works for everyone but it def did for me. Prioritizing rest and understanding what works for me, will…of course, work for me.
  3. Stop the comparison frenzy – it’s not good. I still am a culprit of that sometimes. If someone’s podcast gets more watch time, I cry a little on the inside. But hustling looks different on everyone and comparison steals joy. It’s unhealthy and impossible to be better than everyone all the time. See their betterment as inspiration, not competition.
  4. Let go of unrealistic expectations – this kind of goes hand in hand with the last one. Letting go of dreadful expectations like writing a book in a day can actually get you there faster. That’s because focusing on the now is crucial to being ACTUALLY productive, develop positive productivity cycles, and then yay, everyone’s happy afterwards!

These four lil’ tips are what I follow now. I now sleep whenever I please. Nap if I need. And chill out if I want. But I still produce great work and if it’s not great, at least I still get it done! I still speed-walk though, but I also learned to enjoy life every moment at a time. Hustling is great, but it also stands as an obstacle to all those who aren’t doing it right. Like I did. And once we can let that go, focus on ourselves, we can come back and hustle smarter, not harder.

Thank you guys for listening to this episode. I hope this episode helped you in some way. If you’ve listened to the end, please give this podcast a quick shout out if you loved it. And if you’re listening on Apple Podcasts, give us a quick rate and review! If you want to keep in touch with us, follow us @andwhymedia.

Stay safe everyone and good luck!

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